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South DeKalb Improvement Association

Code Compliance Committee


The Code Compliance Committee's vision is to return curb appeal to the neighborhoods throughout South DeKalb through educating our neighbors on the benefits of positive curb appeal; use organized events to mobilize our community in an effort to accomplish our positive curb appeal objectives and instill pride in our neighborhoods; and serve as an advocate and liaison to the specific county departments heads to achieve the objective of positive curb appeal in our community.


  • Clean Up Campaign – War on Litter

o Beautification/education efforts about the negative impact of litter & benefits of curb appeal

o Litter pick-up dates to be determined

Measuring our Success

  • Clean Up Campaign 2014 – War on Litter

o Illegal Signs Removed: 405

o Bags of Trash Collected: 130.5

o Tires Removed: 5

o Educational Flyers Given Out: 100

  • Code Enforcement Requests: 65 Requests/48 Completed



  • Distribute 700 educational flyers on the detriment of litter and benefits of curb appeal

  • Remove 750 illegal signs & 200 bags of trash from our corridors

  • Have 100 code enforcement requests completed

Code Compliance Committee Members

Committee Leaders:

Lloyd Nurse (Interim Chair)

Danny Triplin (Co-Chair)

Active Members:

Maragaret Jackson 

Barbara Jamison

Wayne Jones

Bertha Mitchell 

Henrietta Smith

Brenda Rhames