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South DeKalb Improvement Association

SDIA will serve as a voice for the citizenry of unincorporated DeKalb County.  By that we mean that we will identify topics of concern and/or interest to citizens, form committees, seek to uncover facts and information, seek to develop policy prescriptions to improve those areas, and then work to obtain approval and implementation of those policies. 

SDIA will focus on the economic prosperity of its targeted area.  By that we mean that we will engage in activities that promote bringing wealth and businesses to our region. 

SDIA will focus on working with existing businesses, nonprofit organizations and government to improve quality of life within our target area.  By that we mean we will work with public and private entities to improve the appearance, enhance the safety, elevate the quality of education, promote the furtherance of appropriate transportation initiatives and pursue any other topic of interest to residents regarding quality of life on which we can partner. 

Finally, SDIA will seek to be economically sustainable.  By that we mean that the organization will be financially independent through fees, donations, and grants but primarily through investing in assets within our targeted area.

The South DeKalb Improvement Association Inc. (SDIA) focuses on the economic welfare of the region.  It was created for the purpose of serving as a voice for citizens of unincorporated DeKalb County about topics that affect quality of life and are common to residents across the region.  While those topics will be identified and prioritized by the citizenry, SDIA is guided by the following precepts:  

SDIA will provide a forum where residents can express their opinion, get facts and information, hear what others are saying about how they deal with important issues, and work with partners such as government, academia, businesses, non-profit organizations, Community Improvement Districts, Tax Allocation Districts, Community Development Corporations, and other partners so change can be effected. 


In addition, SDIA recognizes that in order to achieve the above goals, the organization must engage in activities that will provide education on the aforementioned topics.  SDIA will provide workshops, trainings, using experts, and so forth.

We believe that we live in a beautiful environment!  We believe that by addressing the common issues in our communities and by partnering with others we can improve our community!